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Matoshree Vruddhashram
Regd.No. MSM 417-96 GBBSB - F - 18335 (MUMBAI)

 Trust Board
Shri S.B.Goenka
Shri Nemidas K.Gala
Shri C.K.Patil
Shri Ashok Deorepatil
Shri Nitin Kothari
Shri Pushpat Jain
Shri V.G.Pawar
Smt Sushila H. Gala
Shri Hasmukh L. Gogri
Miss Chandrika Gala
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I Feel there are 2 tragedies in life, Home without Parents and Parents Without Home.
Ms Chandrika Gala,
co-ordinator, JSMS.
  About Us :
Jeevan Sandhya Mangalya Sansthan :
The Changing of values & disrespect to our seniors, the increasing population, shortage of space and nuclear families have given rise to the need of old age homes.

State Decides : The Goverment of Maharashtra , India took one important decision in 1995 to start an old age home in each district, to be run by a social organization. Accordingly it gave 5 acres of land in 'Sor' village, Thane district on the banks of Bhatsa - A Perennial  river, near Khadavli Station on Kasara line (C.R.), at the nominal rent of Rs.1- per year.

Establishment and Aim :    

Jeevan Sandhya Mangalya Sansthan is a public trust registered under Mumbai Trust Act, 1950, Founded by a group of Vippassana Sadhaks. This Vruddhashram  was established on 15th March 1996 with a belief that service to the humanity is the service to God & to repay our moral debts to the society. Voluntary workers work selflessly only with a desire to serve the suffering humanity.

Beginning of ashram : 

 Maharashtra Govt. granted Rs.55 Lakh for the construction on the area of 1500 sq. meters as per the guidelines. On the completion of the buildings, the ashram was inaugurated on 29th March 1998.

Contact Information : 

info@jeevansandhya.org.in         +91-252-2695301          +91-98209 43114
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